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Monthly Archives: July 2019

  • What are the characteristics of Transparent Glass LED Video Screen Wall?

    Transparent Glass LED Video Screen Wall is one of our company's new products. When it was launched, it was favored by many people with her unique attributes. It can let the customer see the back of the screen while playing the video. You can use Transparent Glass LED Video Screen...
  • How to adjust the calibration coefficient by novastar software?

    Let's start with the steps of the novastar software. 1. Run NovaLCT-Mars, move the cursor over the Advanced User Login (A) and click the icon. 2. Login with the password “admin”. 3. Then click Calibration icon. 4. Select the tabs Manage Coefficients , then select Chroma or Brightness on the...
  • How to install LED sending card into VDWALL LVP615S video processor correctly

    How to install LED sending card into VDWALL LVP615S HD video processor? In fact, the method is very similar to our previous "How to install LED sending card into external sender box". If you still don't understand how to install the sending card, please continue to look down.    ...
  • Novastar Multi-Function Card MFN300 Instructions

    1 Novastar Multi-Function Card MFN300 Overview Novastar M3 series multi-function card MFN300 can manage the LED display distribution box power supply, with ambient temperature and humidity function detection; integrated audio output, with transmission card for audio transmission; light detector can be connected to achieve the screen The body brightness is...

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