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What are Led Display Boards?

The led display board is a screen display tech that uses a panel of LEDs as the light source.

It has a number of led panels which in turn consists of several LEDs. These outdoor led display boards are more powerful and better than the traditional billboards and hoardings.


What are the advantages of led display boards?

The led display boards do have a plus point over the traditional billboards and signs. Some of the advantages of the outdoor display screens are as follows –

  • The biggest advantage of the led display boards is that they are efficient and consume less energy as compared to other screens.
  • Apart from being power efficient, these led display boards produce more brilliance and greater light intensity.
  • They are very attractive and eye catching. They have the potential of turning a random passer-by into a customer.


What are the uses of led display boards?

The led display boards have a variety of uses. Some of the application areas of the outdoor led display boards are as follows -

  • They can play a very important role in communication. The govt. institutes can use them as a medium to increase awareness with minimal costs and low maintenance.


  • Marketing through the outdoor display screens is convenient, easy and efficient as compared to the conventional methods. It attracts more customers and creates a huge impact.


  • These led display boards extends and strengthens brand value and appeal. They also build a strong connection with the consumer.


  • The banking sector can also use the led display screens for various purposes. It is an economical as well as a smart option to go for. This breaks the clutter of notice boards, which ironically, go unnoticed most of the time.


  • The automotive industry can use this to enhance the customer experience while impacting correct knowledge to the customer.


  • These led display screens can also be used by hospitals and clinics. These will help them handle their communication problems with the patients and drive operations effectively.





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