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Analysis of Traffic Monitoring Command Center LED Display Scheme Design Elements

Information visualization as the main thrust of today's traffic control command center, in order to improve its traffic management level, enhance emergency command, daily management efficiency, strengthen dynamic control and management, to truly meet the requirements of business combat, ultra-high-definition display, high refresh rate of the small pitch LED display for the leading entry into the display program in recent years has gradually become its display trend.

Then in the design, the LED display program needs to be fully considered what objective factors?


Professional-grade display with high resolution and high contrast.

Compared to the common DLP splicing screen, the transformation of the small pitch LED screen can achieve ultra-high refresh rate, ultra-wide viewing angle, box resolution to achieve point-to-point connection, the overall picture of high-definition seamless splicing, image response accuracy, no delay, bright color uniformity, eliminate dark, ghost, effectively achieve a variety of traffic data display, application.

Analysis of Traffic Monitoring Command Center LED Display Scheme Design Elements

High stability

The installation structure is not influenced by external factors, while the screen assembly is fast, efficient and stable and easy to maintain; with real-time error detection function, with comprehensive protection functions, to solve high-frequency maintenance problems.


High reliability

(1) Effectively eliminate the underlying signal transmission failure, reduce the probability of transmission failure, and reduce the overall failure rate.

(2) After professional certification and strict engineering tests, the system runs stably and reliably for 7*24 hours, and ensures information security.


Energy saving and environmental protection

(1) Environmentally friendly, high metal-strength housing, free of lead and mercury and other hazardous substances.

(2) Heat dissipation and silent operation, long equipment life, low power consumption, to create a safe and quiet working environment.


Signal diversity

Have the ability to process analog signal, digital signal and network signal at the same time. The display system needs to provide real-time, accurate information and communication services, to summarize the microscopic information of urban traffic into macroscopic information at the level of urban traffic, and at the same time, accurately and directly transmit instructions to the traffic instruction line.


High degree of awareness

Large screen splicing applications, users have a high degree of awareness, easier to operate and use.


System Intensification

System-level equipment, high degree of integration, with decoding, splicing, display functions.


These command room LED visualization carriers composed of small pitch LED display, to meet the traffic control and command center daily work of efficient display and multi-person monitoring, to help traffic control and command center work more efficient, high-quality scientific decision-making. At present, the traffic control and command center of many key cities in China has applied small-pitch LED visualization scheme.



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