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Benefits Of LED Walls Versus Projection Displays

The new standard bearer in the outdoor led video display is none other than led wall panels! They are an attractive option for many different settings such as store signage, billboards, and other advertising, destination signs, stage shows, indoor displays, and much more.


Below are some of the benefits of led walls over projection displays. Have a look:

  • Brightness
  • Display
  • Setup and Arrangement
  • Maintenance

Let’s dig in!

Brightness: The light of projectors is measured in lux whereas the light of LED walls is measured in NIT. One NIT unit is equivalent to 3.426 lux. Hence, it clearly means that a unit of NIT is much brighter than a unit of lux. The image produced by LED walls is much more vivid when it reaches the viewer in comparison to projectors.

Display: Many projectors are still Standard definition and thus and won’t display HD images at their full resolution. Whereas the outdoor display screens support HD. The projector can display images from small to extremely large, easily up to 120 inches (or larger, for more expensive units). While LED displays range from about 60 inches, on average, to 90 inches. One can stack up to the LED displays altogether to create a composite image or any large image as you want.

Setup and Arrangement: Led displays to take no time in set up than a projector display. There is a limitation on how and where projectors can be used. You just need to have a large screen and an unimpeded space between the screen and the projector. There are other limitations as well such as obstacles like low-hanging lighting fixtures or low ceilings. Also, to accompany projector, you’ll also need to get a high-quality screen. Why so? Because the image quality will diminish if projected on the blank wall!

With LED panels, you can be more creative to configure the visuals. You can even form shapes such as cubes, pyramids, or any other permutations. LED Walls can be dismantled and moved into a new space more easily as they are extremely thin.

Maintenance: Repairing an indoor led video walls is quite easy. All you need to do is to just replace the module of a broken bulb with a new one or update the programming software. In case of Projection displays, you often have to send them in for repairs, resulting in downtime and uncertainty over what the problem is.

Benefits Of LED Walls Versus Projection Displays

Time to sum up:

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