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Led Video Processor

  • How to install LED sending card into VDWALL LVP615S video processor correctly

    How to install LED sending card into VDWALL LVP615S HD video processor? In fact, the method is very similar to our previous "How to install LED sending card into external sender box". If you still don't understand how to install the sending card, please continue to look down.    ...
  • Video Wall Processors: What You Need To Know

    Magnimage Video Processor for Wall is basically a sequence of multiple display devices arranged in such a manner (with close proximity), that it makes a single logical screen. Although a large number of people think that video walls are quite expensive and all, but they forget to see the...
  • Benefits & Significance of LED Video Walls

    Led VD wall displays are becoming popular among outdoor video displays. A VD wall is made up of several monitors to form a single large screen using common display technologies like Direct View LED arrays, LCD panels, and rear projection systems. It’s also important to know the role of a...

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