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Novastar Download

Novastar LED Control System Software, Specification, User Manual and RCG file Download
  • How to adjust the calibration coefficient by novastar software?

    Let's start with the steps of the novastar software. 1. Run NovaLCT-Mars, move the cursor over the Advanced User Login (A) and click the icon. 2. Login with the password “admin”. 3. Then click Calibration icon. 4. Select the tabs Manage Coefficients , then select Chroma or Brightness on the...
  • Novastar LED Display RCFG file Download

    We are have lot customers ask for the Novastar RCFG file for their LED Display Screen Panel . Here i packaged the .rcfg file as a whole and you can search for the right Novastar Configure file for your own. Novastar RCFG file download Once you download the file please email us...
  • Novastar LED Cards User Manual & Specification

    Novastar LED Controller, LED Cards User Manual and Specification Free Download All Novastar Specification and Manual Free Download, Novastar LED Control Software user manual for SMARTLCT, NOVALCT MARS, NOVALCT-PLUTO, PLUTO MANAGER, NOVA STUDIO, NOVASHOW .       Novastar Control System Software User Manual Novastar SmartLCT Configure Software User Manual ...
  • Novastar LED Control Software Download

    Novastar LED Control Software Download Novastar LED Control Cards hardware data Download. Novastar Video Player Software SMARTLCT, Novastar Synchronous Control Software NOVALCT-MARS, NovaStudio, Novastar Asynchronous Control Software PlutoManager, NovaLCT-Pluto, NovaSign for Android and NovaShow Donwload. Quick Through To: SmartLCT for MAC or Windows Donwload   1 Novastar Vidoe Player Controller 1.1 Novastar LED Video...

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