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How do customers do their own maintenance of large LED display screen?

The author recently passed a project that was once proud of people. At that time, the whole large LED display screen was dazzling, which made the author feel that anyone who passed by would be shocked. Nowadays, I am deeply sorry to see that there are several places on the big screen of the LED that cannot be displayed normally. Perhaps our peers will also laugh at the quality of the large LED display screen that is made by everyone, and it is still "disappearing" in this prosperous prime location.

In fact, a little know the technology can also be seen, but it is caused by some poor contact with the line. This screen has been installed for a few years now, and it has passed the factory warranty period. It is completely managed by the users themselves. Why did they become such a picture, and the customers did not care? The author is still full of emotions for the projects he has done. Although he can't personally maintain it, he can only guide the user to maintain this large LED display screen through "penning". After all, it is more than a Luxury car. How can value and value-added items not be spent on maintenance?


How do customers do their own maintenance of large LED display screen?


The maintenance of the display is not too difficult, remember the following:

1, LED display as an electronic product, need to be used regularly, it is not suitable for continuous playback for a long time. Because the strong load itself is one of the factors that affect the life of the LED display. If you don't use it for a long time, you should also ensure that the big screen is played for four to five hours every week.

2, in the rainy season, it is recommended to open at least two hours a day to let the LED display work normally. If it is a damp weather, a good condition unit is recommended to run more than 10 hours a day. If there is no condition, just turn off the air conditioner and turn the screen on for one day; if there is no air conditioner installed, try to use the dryer to ensure the drying inside the LED screen body.

3, regularly clean the dust inside the screen, this article also introduced in the early stage, dust is one of the main factors leading to the failure of the big screen, because when the air is damp, the dust is stored first wet, it will be direct Lead to oxidation and corrosion of the PCB and IC pins (except for the display screen with three anti-paint treatments), the serious consequence is the accident such as burn-in. We only need to use a soft brush to clean the dust. Of course, if you have the condition, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust in the easy-to-clean place. Then use the hand-held fan to blow the dust from the invisible place to ensure the screen clean inside the body.

4, Then clean the air conditioning filter regularly to ensure that the display can dissipate heat in hot weather.

5, the last is to clean the front of the display, after all, as everyone said, the big screen after the wind and rain is particularly dirty, this work can be handled by professional "spider people". Do not use a high presser water gun to flush the large screen during the treatment. You can use a soft brush to evenly wash the water.


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This article was written by Yudong.

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