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How to install LED sending card into VDWALL LVP615S video processor correctly

How to install LED sending card into VDWALL LVP615S HD video processor? In fact, the method is very similar to our previous "How to install LED sending card into external sender box". If you still don't understand how to install the sending card, please continue to look down.





The following is a brief description of the operation:

1.Remove two screws

2.Remove at least two plats

3.Remove two hexagonal studs and steel sheet

4.Put the sending card into the card slot

5.Tighten hexagonal studs

6.Connect the power cable of the sending card

7.Put the card slot into the processor

8.Tighten the screws

9.Installation completed

10.Power-on test, the sending card light is normal


If you don't understand, you can view the video below.



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This article was written by Yudong.
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