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LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy

Some of our customers have reported that when the weather is humid, some LED displays screen will not work properly. When LED displays are in humid air, they often cause problems such as blind lights and light strings. After the problem broke out, it was irreversible and even difficult to control. At this time, we need to take precautionary measures.

LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy

First, waterproof ≠ moisture

Waterproofing is to prevent liquid water, and moisture proofing is to prevent moisture and humidity.

The packaging materials of LED devices are mainly plastic materials, such as epoxy resin. Plastic is a polymer material. The gap between the molecules of the polymer material is large. Water molecules in the steam can penetrate into the shell through the gap, while liquid molecules cannot easily penetrate due to their own tension. And the fluidity is not strong, the permeability will be much smaller.

The LED device and outdoor LED Module lamp bead device meet the waterproof function of the product through the structural design. However, regardless of the outdoor and indoor lamp beads, due to the characteristics of plastic materials, they are all moisture-sensitive electronic components.


LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy


Second, the harm of LED moisture

When the LED device is damp, water vapor penetrates into the lamp beads. When the water vapor contained in the air penetrates into the lamp beads, when the electricity is applied, the halogen in the water vapor will electroc hemically react with the metal in the lamp beads. In serious cases, the chip will short circuit and leak electricity. Or the electrode is dropped, which causes the blind lamp and string lighting abnormality of the display lamp beads.


Case A: The seaside building is renovated, the ambient humidity is high, the LED display has not been used for a long time, and the moisture-proof measures have not been done.

LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy

Case B: During the long vacation, due to weather changes, the LED display was not used for half a month after the power was turned off. As the workers worked, they noticed that the single-row lamp beads on the LED display were abnormal.


LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy



Third, LED moisture-proof measures

LED lamp beads storage

When transporting and storing LED lamp beads, they can be raised or sealed to protect them from moisture.


LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy


Moisture proof second stop-LED lamp beads on line

Before mounting, the lamp beads must be baked and dehumidified.


LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy


LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy

Pay attention to control the environment during installation. The recommended temperature is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, humidity 40% RH ~ 60% RH. Pay attention to the storage period, and use it as soon as possible after removing the oven or drying box.


LED module packaging

Modules and boxes need to be vacuum packed or sealed with a desiccant during storage or transportation. Avoid installing the screen body while decorating other items, as the environment is not easy to control, which will leave the product in a humid environment for a long time.


LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy


LED display use

After the screen is installed, it needs to be lit frequently. If the screen is not used for a long time (usually 5-10 days), it should be dehumidified before use, then gradually increase the brightness and slowly heat to remove the moisture from the screen.

For example, use the following methods to dehumidify and then use it normally:

LED Module Lamp Beads Moisture-proof Strategy


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