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How to load Update Data for Linsn LED Receiving Card

Some times we need to make our Linsn LED Display to share the most updated function with its new update hardware data. But how to implement the Linsn Receiving Card Hardware update. Just follow these tutorial steps to update your Linsn LED Display Screen

Step 1: Open LED Studio then Choose Menu[Option]>[Software Setup]

Step2: First input "linsn" in the Software Setup window

Then Input "168" in the popup Window to enter the Hardware Parameters Setup window.

Step3: Choose [Receiver 1] Tab and then Type in “cfxoki” . You will have a Popup window【Updating Program】.

Step4: Click [Load] to choose the update data file on your computer, and then Click [Programing], finally Click 【Exit】after the programming process finish.


Notice: 1. The whole program must use Sender Card.

2. Make sure that the Receiver Card status are fine, that means the receiver card status green light is flashing. Don't break off the data transmission when it is programming. Finally Switch off the power once, after the programming progress finished.

3. If break off the power or the signal when programming the receiving card may recover with the former program, also may lost its hardware program in small possibility.

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