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Tutorial on connect Novastar Async Controller to PC

Tutorial on connect Novastar Async Controller to PC

This tutorial is going to teach you how to connect the configure PC and the Novastar Async Controller, usually they are PSD100, PBOX100, PBOX150 LED Controller. Its quite easy to follow these practical Steps to get them connected.


Step 1: The Novastar Asynchronous card default parameters

1 Hardware information and connection.

The default parameters of asynchronous cardPSD100 or asynchronous broadcasting and controlling box PBOX100 are shown as following:

Name: Pluto2012

Fixed IP:

Subnet mask:

2. The network connection of asynchronous card's will be introduced by the example of the directly connected cable mode As shown in the below picture, connect computer with asynchronous card

Note: 100M enthernet port must be adopted to connect asynchronous card with the computer


2. Fulfil the configure steps on the software Part

1) Control computer setting When the computer and asynchronous card share the same local network and they are connected through the local network IP, the local network IP and subnet mask should be manually set and controlled. Make the controlling computer and asynchronous card have the same network segment. The asynchronous card's default IP address is, so the computer's local connecting IP could be set to 192.168.0.X (X could be 1-219 or 221-255). Subnet mask is As shown in the below picture:

2) Connect asynchronous card

After the completion of network connection, open the NovaLCT-Pluto software. If the system has multiple network cards (like the laptop has both wireless local area network card and local area network card), click【Setting】→【Software config】and choose the IP of 192.168.0.XXX. As shown in the below picture:

3) Click 【System】→【Search All Site】.

The system will search all the terminals automatically and show them all. Then choose the corresponding terminal, click 【Connect Terminal】, Asynchronous card is connected successfully now, and could perform other functions;

1. Make sure the IP address of the computer and the IP address of the asynchronous card are in the same network segment. Close the firewall or add the software into the firewall's trust list. Make sure the cable is connected and is not loose.

2.The button on the asynchronous card is reset button, if you are not sure about the asynchronous card's IP, press the button for 20 seconds, and the asynchronous card's IP will be restored to the default setting (

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