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Configure and Manage Groups LED Sign with Novastar PlutoManager

Configure and Manage Group LED Sign with Novastar PlutoManager

This tutorial is going to teach you how to configure and manage group of LED Sign/ LED Display screen with Novastar Asynchronous Control Software PlutoManager. That is these LED Sign/ LED Screen is in the same LAN (local area network) , and also all of them need to be controlled by Novastar Asynchronous Controller ----PSD80, PSD100, PSD100WIFI, PBOX100, PBOX150.

Follow these steps you will learn its easy to configure a group of Novastar Async LED Display Screen under the same LAN and also manage edit the programs.

1. Hardware connection

Hardware needed

  1. Nova asynchronous card
  2. switcher

All screens and control computer should be in the same LAN


2. Software operation

You have to prepare the Novastar Asynchronous Control Cards Configure software NovaLCT-Pluto and the Operating Software PlutoManager

Select IP of the control computer on NovaLCT - Pluto.Click【Setting】→【Software Config】to enter the interface as following. Connect IP is consistent to the current computer. The connect port should range between1024~49150. To ensure the asynchronous card could be searched by NovaLCT-Pluto, connect port must be different with other software.

Select IP of control computer


2) Search All Site

Run Nova LCT-Pluto on control computer. Search Pluto system for the first use. Select【System】. Click【Search All Site】, then NovaLCT-Pluto will search all pluto system in LAN. Following is the result interface.

Search Pluto System


4) Return to the main interface

Select the terminal needed connection. Click 【 Connect Terminal】to return to the main interface.

5) Configure the network parameters

Click【Setting】→【Client Config】→【Net Config】 Configure the network parameters on the following interface.

Network parameter settings


Notes:1. Check【Configure the asynchronous system information】 then the system name can be changed for convenience.
2. Check【Configure system network parameters to connect in LAN】,then configure the parameters of LAN according to the instructions in the following picture. When the configuration has been finished,click【Send】to send the network parameters to the asynchronous system in the interface of the following figure.

Note: IP of asynchronous system should be set as the same network segment with control computer and LAN port on the router. But these three IPs must be different. For example, all the IPs are in the same network segment as 192.168.0.XXX.


6)Select IP of control computer in PlutoManager

Open PlutoManager. Click 【 Configuration 】 → 【 Software Configuration】. Select a connect IP network segment same as the asynchronous card.

select control PC IP


7)Search client in LAN

Click【Client management】-【Search client in LAN】. Following is the result interface.

Search Client in LAN


8) The client is online when the light of status is green on the interface. Now the management configuration of screens has been finished. Next, you can publish display content, the operation can be found in the “ Producing & publishing the display content by asynchronous card---NovaLCT-Pluto”.


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