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P6 Outdoor LED Display Anti-Low Temperature LED Screen

Great quality large led display panels are known for delivering quality pictures and videos to a broader audience. It is used for all outdoor advertising usage such as seaside, swimming pools, water parks, outdoor places, and low-temperature conditions.

Quality Products to Count On: P6 outdoor led display has a high-resolution screen which presents big and clear images, catching more eyeballs.

Better Protection: P10 outdoor led screen protects the display from any damage. How? This Anti-Low Temperature LED Screen features a Front IP65 waterproof grade.

This guard prevents the screen from any damage and environmental effects. Hence, it remains harmless in every condition and even in every weather.

  • Low-Temperature Resistance: P6 Outdoor LED Display is ideal to use in any weather conditions. It works seamlessly in a wide temperature range of -35 degree to 50 degrees. It protects the screen against different weather conditions, heat, rain, and dust.
  • Wide Viewing Angle for Broader Reach: The LED displays offer a wide viewing angle of horizontal 120° and vertical 70°. It helps in reaching up to more viewers. Even all the viewers get the same high-quality outputs. This is good to go for a large gathering.

P6 Outdoor LED Display Anti-Low Temperature LED Screen


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