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Selecting the Right Kind of Led Display Screens for your Events

LED technology is nowadays popularly used for brand promotion and for creating brand awareness. LED screen displays are easy to install, effective, impactful and budget friendly solutions for small as well as large businesses.

With market flooded with a variety of options for led screen units, choosing the most suitable LED screen for your project is a challenging task. These led screens are available in the various sizes, so that lay man or the first time users often get confused in choosing among the ranges such as p10 led screen, p4 led screen, p8 outdoor led display, p6 outdoor led display and led p5 outdoor.

In order to make a smarter choice, you need to consider your needs, desires and budget. For selecting the appropriate size of the pixel pitch for your indoor or outdoor led display screen, you need to consider various factors in mind, such as:

  • Indoor led display / Outdoor led display
  • Number of square meters covered by your project
  • Viewing distance
  • Budget
  • Type of content to be displayed on the screen
  • Quality required

The quality and viewing distance for the best results depends upon the pixel pitch of the display. The pixel pitch is distance from the center of a led cluster to the center of the next LED cluster. Pixel pitch is measured in millimetres. In order to calculate pixel pitch to suit your project, you need to consider two things: Minimum Viewing Distance (MVD) and Optimum Viewing Distance (OVD). Minimum viewing distance is the distance at which human eye will recognise a LED pixel cluster as a single dot. The optimum viewing distance is the distance at which the human eye can no longer recognise individual pixels.

Pixel pitch usually ranges from 4mm up to 20mm for indoor LED displays and from 10mm to 34mm or higher for outdoor displays. The smaller the number of pixel pitch, the more quantity of pixels is required for making image on your display. It is recommended if the led sign size is less than 10 square meter. One should prefer to use P 4 led screen, led P5 outdoor display and P8 outdoor led display, P6 outdoor LED display. When the size of display is up to 20-100 square meters and the viewing distance of 10 meters away, it is recommended to use P10 led screen, P13.3 or P20 led display screens. Most of the companies provide assistance of skilled and trained professionals for installation of the display screens. They also provide additional equipment for installation such as speakers, mounts, cables etc. One should look for reputed and renowned vendors to buy quality led screen displays at competitive prices.


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