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How to Setup the Language of Novastar NovaLCT-Pluto

How to Setup the Language of Novastar NovaLCT-Pluto

Novastar Asynchronous Control Software NovaLCT-Pluto almost support English, French, Chinese . Then how can you setup the NovaLCT-Pluto to your familiar Language? It easy to follow ledcontrollercard.com tutorial steps.

Step1: Open 【Client Language Config】 on NovaLCT-Pluto

Click【Setting】-【Client Config】- 【Language Config】, Following is

the pop-up interface.

2. Click【Read】to check the current system language of asynchronous card.

3. Choose the language as needed in the drop-down list of【Setting Language】.

4. Click【Apply】. Now the language settings for asynchronous card has been finished.

Notice: Currently, asynchronous card supports three kinds of language: Chinese, French and English.

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