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What are the characteristics of Transparent Glass LED Video Screen Wall?

Transparent Glass LED Video Screen Wall is one of our company's new products. When it was launched, it was favored by many people with her unique attributes. It can let the customer see the back of the screen while playing the video. You can use Transparent Glass LED Video Screen Wall to play the product video, and put the product on the back of the screen, your customers can clearly understand your product.




Transparent Window LED Display is designed to meet the requirement that LED Display should be Transparent, so that people can watch the things behind the LED Display. And it also have all the feature that the normal LED Display has, that means it can display dynamic digital sources like commercial brand name, logo, slogon, and even advertisement film to catch the attention of the potential consumer. The Transparent LED Display is always installed inside the glass wall of the building or the street side shop/store. It can be a small size for 2sqm to a big one that reaches hundreds of sqm.



The links to the products in the video are:

P3.91-7.82 1000x500 High Brightness LED Screen Video Wall

In addition to the indoor high-brightness display shown in the video, we also offer a waterproof and transparent screen for indoor and outdoor use.

Here are the product links:

P3.91 1000x500 Transparent Glass LED Video Screen Wall

There is also a Transparent LED Video Wall of 500x1000 size:

P3.91 Transparent Glass LED Screen Wall

P7.81 Transparent LED Video Wall


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