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What are the technical advantages of outdoor LED screen black lamps?

With the continuous development of outdoor display technology, outdoor black lamp have gradually become the "new darling" of outdoor displays. Especially in the European, American and Japanese markets.


What are the technical advantages of outdoor black lamps?

Outdoor black lamp LED display refers to the display made of full black shell bracket LED light. Compared with ordinary outdoor white lamp display, it has two obvious advantages of high contrast and high fidelity color. LED display screens use light-emitting diodes as pixels to present images. Light-emitting diodes are assembled from plastic brackets and light-emitting chips. In the early days, because the brightness of the light-emitting chips was not high, the plastic bracket was made into a white bowl to enhance it. Focus the reflection to ensure that the wafer with low brightness achieves a brighter effect. However, if black or gray is indicated on a white LED lamp bead, it must be affected by the white of the lamp bead, resulting in color distortion.


What are the technical advantages of outdoor LED screen black lamps?


The brightness and luminous efficiency of black lamp wafers have been greatly improved.

It is no longer necessary to compensate for the lack of wafer brightness by sacrificing contrast. The all-black shell bracket of the black lamp LED can maximize the contrast of the display screen, and the high contrast makes it easier to display vivid video images, and supports various levels of colors for more realistic colors.

Contrast has a greater impact on the display effect of dynamic video. Because the light and dark transitions in dynamic images are faster, the higher the contrast, the easier it is for human eyes to distinguish such a conversion process. At the same time, the black light uses a unique matte technology, which has a unique surface that emits light without reflections. The light is softer and less glare, which solves the problem of outdoor glare and reduces stray light interference. At the same time, it improves the quality of the screen display and the colors are more real and clear. Black light is another transcendence of outdoor display technology, which not only brings the improvement of outdoor display screen, but also brings the upgrade of display screen energy saving technology, lower power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.


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