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What is the difference between a LED rental screen and fixed installation LED screen?


Compared with the fixed installation screen, the difference in LED rental screen display is mainly due to the need for frequent movement, repeated disassembly and installation, so the requirements for the product are very high, and the product design, structural design and materials have high requirements. There are three main differences between the two:


First: The fixed installation screen basically does not change the position again after the installation is completed: for example, the display screen for road traffic indication; and the rental display requires easy installation, disassembly and handling, and the staff can quickly complete the work and reduce the labor cost of the customer: for example, the large screen used for the concert stage, after the concert is over, will be disassemble and move to the next concert site and install again.


Secondly, the rental screen is highly resistant to slight bumps in transportation and handling, and the size must conform to the loading system of the transportation vehicle, especially the handling of intercontinental, which is obviously different;


Third, because of the need for handling, the LED rental display itself must be designed to withstand the sturdiness of handling. Otherwise, it is easy to collide during handling, causing damage to the LED module. Even if one LED is broken, it will affect the overall effect. When providing LED rental screen services for customers, the difference between the rental screen and the fixed installation screen is that the rental display must show a perfect display effect throughout the concert, which is a very important point for customers.

What is the difference between a rental LED screen and fixed display

What are the characteristics of the US LED display rental market?

In terms of engineering maintenance, the personnel who install the rental screen in the United States are local engineering personnel. They only need to install according to the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) provided by the supplier. Therefore, the SOP is very simple and easy to understand, and it can be used by every local company. The engineers are easy to install and easy to disassemble, so SOP is very important.


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