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What is the difference between the light-emitting chip and the drive ic chip on the led screen video wall?

With the increase of indoor and outdoor LED Screen video wall users, the audience is more and more widely used, the frequency of use is getting higher and higher, and the knowledge of LED display is becoming more and more popular. Let's explain the knowledge about LED lamp beads and driver chips on the led screen video wall.





First, the introduction

1, led light-emitting chip is the main raw material of LED, LED mainly relies on the chip to emit light.

2, led drive ic chip is a solid state semiconductor device, is a P-N junction, it can directly convert electricity into light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor wafer with one end attached to a holder, one end being the negative pole and the other end connected to the positive pole of the power supply, so that the entire wafer is encapsulated by epoxy.


Second, the composition

1. The composition of the LED light-emitting chip: There are several kinds of elements such as arsenic (AS) aluminum (AL) gallium (Ga) indium (IN) phosphorus (P) nitrogen (N) bismuth (Si).

2, led drive ic chip composition: composed of gold pad, P pole, N pole, PN junction, back gold layer (double pad chip without back gold layer).


Third, classification

1, led light-emitting chip

1) According to the brightness of the light: A. General brightness: R, H, G, Y, E, etc.; B. High brightness: VG, VY, SR, etc.; C. Ultra high brightness: UG, UY, UR, UYS, URF , UE, etc.; D. Invisible light (infrared): IR, SIR, VIR, HIR; E. Infrared receiving tube: PT; F. Photocell: PD.

2) According to the constituent elements: A. Binary wafer (phosphorus, gallium): H, G, etc.; B. Ternary wafer (phosphorus, gallium, arsenic): SR, HR, UR, etc.; C. Quaternary wafer (phosphorus , aluminum, gallium, indium): SRF, HRF, URF, VY, HY, UY, UYS, UE, HE, UG


2, led drive ic chip

1) According to the application: high-power LED chip, low-power LED chip;

2) According to the color points: mainly divided into three types: red, green, blue (raw materials for white light);

3) According to the shape: generally divided into square pieces, round pieces



What is the difference between the light-emitting chip and the drive ic chip on the led screen video wall?


In summary, the LED light-emitting chip and the LED driver chip are indispensable and cannot be replaced by their respective functions on the LED screen video wall.


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