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Shanghai Sysolution(also named as XIXUN) started to work on asynchronous LED display controller in 2009. Now Sysolution has become a professional manufacturer and solution provider on Android LED display controller. Sysolution controller are mainly used for the following applications, LED taxi top sign, LED lamp-post sign, LED advertisement poster sign, community broadcasting sign, digital signs for restaurants and bars, small LED media display.

Our company EagerLED has kept close relationship with Sysolution for years. We always get the latest news on the products and technology from Sysolution. What is more, Sysolution always provides us all the XIXUN products with the best price. Hence, we can offer you the best prices and services on the Sysolution controllers.

Reveiving CardAsync Control CardAccessories
Reveiving CardAsync Control CardAccessories
D10A10K13Humidity Sensor
D10-75A20K20Light Sensor
E10M20R30E Temperature
G20M31Remoto Controller
G31Y10USB Audio Card
K10Y10 3GW10 Wi-Fi Module
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