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How to Buy From ledcontrollercard.com

1: Set the Quantity you need and then add to cart and continue to shopping

ledcontrollercard store how to buy 1

2: Hover over the Cart icon and scroll down to view cart or going to check out.ledcontrollercard.com how to buy- view cart or go to check

3: Edit the cart then update, going to check out. Notice that our Minimum Order is 50usd, you can't continue if the amount is less than 50 usd.ledcontrollercard store how to buy- view cart

4: Then you will need to register or loggin in to finish the payment.ledcontrollercard store how to buy register or loggin

5: Fill in the billing information.ledcontrollercard store how to buy- billing information


6. Click Continue . Note: DHL express is the default method. Others like EMS, UPS, FedEX and TNT will be  adopted only when DHL is not available or not suitable at the destination. The shipping cost is automatically calculated on the destination and the items weight.

7: Choose the most operable payment method for yourself.ledcontrollercard store how to buy- payment method

8: Finish Payment with Paypalledcontrollercard store how to buy- pay through paypal