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Nowadays, LED display users need not only common LED displays which can do advertising, but also need the LED displays to be decoractive and attractive. Hence, it comes the creative LED displays.  To make some inner arc LED screen, outer arc LED panel, wave LED panel and cylinder LED display, we develop this kind of indoor soft flexible LED display module.  We have three series, 240x120mm flexible LED module series, 320x160mm flexible LED module series and 256x128mm flexible LED module series. 

Indoor soft LED display modules

Our indoor soft LED display modules have the following features:

1) Soft rubber base and PCB, making really soft LED modules.

2) Easy to make creative shapes, inner arc, outer arc, wave, cylindrical and others one can imagine.

3) Magnetic front service, quick installation and maintenance.

4) Strong magnets, modules are never loose and never fall.

5) High compatibility, can work with almost all control system.

6) High cost-effective, can build creative LED displays with affordable cost.

Do Creative LED Screens Freely with EagerLED Flexible LED Modules:

Do Creative LED Screens Made of EagerLED Flexible LED Modules:

Indoor soft LED display modules

Notice:  You can order flexible LED modules on this page directly if you can assemble creative LED screens locally.  If you would like to buy complete LED display from us,  please contact our sales managers for proposal and quotation. 

Indoor Soft LED Display Module

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